This Speedy Chimp Hits “400 MPH”

400 MPH is one of those movies made for the pure joy of filmmaking. The directorial team of Paul-Eugène Dannaud, Julia Chaix, Lorraine Desserre, Alice Lefort, Natacha Pianeti, and Quentin Tireloque have created a fun, riveting short with a photorealistic style.

"400 MPH" still image
The simian protagonist of 400 MPH

Its chimpanzee hero not only wants to go fast, but seeks to drive ever faster to break each successive speed record and shatter the magic barrier of 400 miles per hour. It’s the history of the human conquest of the land speed record in miniature, as if it perhaps occurred on the Planet of the Apes; the film’s vehicles are even inspired by actual designs used in real historic speed record attempts.

"400 MPH" directors
It takes a village to make a monkey go fast!

The film’s audio is just as important as its images, and the roar of powerful engines helps build an atmosphere of white-knuckle intensity. An excellent synth score caps the film’s emotional climax.

These are the kind of filmmakers who clearly aim to create features in the future, so keep an eye on these talented folk, as you’re sure to hear their names again.

Be sure to see 400 MPH in the Shorts for 7+: Program 1 at BAICFF 2020, and bring your crash helmet!

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