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Shorts for 7+: Program 1

Megadome Theater 1, Saturday, Feb. 22, 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Planetarium Theater 2, Sunday, Feb. 23, 3pm – 4pm
Total Runtime: 64 minutes
Schoolhouse Rock: No More Kings 4m, USA
Angry King George The story of the American independence movement in song!
Directors: George Newall, Tom Yohe

Playmobil Generation 7m28s, Belgium
Boys in conflict A young boy loses his new toy in the bushes by the playground. As he sets out to get it back, his friends warn him that nobody has ever returned from there!
Directors: Thomas Leclercq

Braceball 9m35s, Iran
Boy on soccer field A disabled boy who loves soccer uses his imagination to make his dreams come true, and brings himself closer to his favorite player.
Director: Rayhaneh Mortezeenia

High Score 3m49s, France
Video game characters In an empty world, a lone game player seeks another person with which to play.
Directors: Adrien Vallade, Lou Maurice De Reparaz, Brian Lim, Elodie Ferrer, Pablo Cortes

Dani’s Full English Breakfast 5m11s, United Kingdom
Flying breakfast food Dani recounts life growing up in an Oxford greasy spoon cafeteria run by his immigrant parents, and tells of the joys of the perfect English breakfast.
Directors: Kate Anderson, Sonia Kneepkens, Fan Sissoko

Temps de Glace (Ice Time) 2m36s, Canada
"Temps de Glace" still image A poetic, hand-drawn meditation about a little girl day-dreaming at the sidelines of a hockey rink.
Director: Rachel Samson

Like Playing
20m, Peru
Boys and recycled bottles
Brothers Bruno and Claudio and their neighbor Carlitos go on an adventure. The three children give free rein to their imagination while collecting metals, plastics, and cartons that they sell at the end of the day to earn a bowl of soup.
Director: Berenice Adrianzen Zegarra

400 MPH 4m50s, France
Chimpanzee in racing uniform On the Bonneville salt flats, engines roar in the distance. At the wheel is Icarus, a chimpanzee hell-bent on transcending the limits of speed. Riding increasingly powerful vehicles, he attempts to reach the ultimate speed of 400 mph. Will he prevail or be consumed by his self-destructive quest?
Directors: Paul-Eugène Dannaud, Julia Chaix, Lorraine Desserre, Alice Lefort, Natacha Pianeti, Quentin Tireloque

My Little Boy’s Couch 3m38s, Taiwan
Boy and dog flying on couch A little boy discovers that the aged couch in the family living room has a hole in it. He uses the hole as his personal storage space, stuffing it full of snacks and toys. He then plans to explore space with his dog Donnie, by transforming the couch into a spaceship!
Director: Jack Shih

Schoolhouse Rock: Three-Ring Government 3m, USA
3 branches of government Using a circus as a metaphor makes it easy to remember the different branches of government.
Directors: George Newall, Tom Yohe