Short Films Explore “The Power of Friendship”

The theme of the 2020 BAICFF, The Power of Kids, is demonstrated by our program’s films in various ways. Taking action to save the environment is one method (like in Microplastic Madness), but other excellent examples of kids showing their inner strength are found in the ways they help each other out in tough situations. Our special shorts program, The Power of Friendship: Kids Stand Up To Bullying, demonstrates that even in the darkest moments, reaching out to others in need of support is an act of kindness within the power of every child.

In The Time Tree, a deaf girl from Renaissance England who is bullied by her family’s servants for being different, travels through time to the present, where she meets two modern girls who help her realize the potential of her intelligence.

The Time Tree Trailer

Happy Birthday shows the story of how an uninvited party guest is treated badly by the other attending children, forcing the birthday girl to make a decision about how she treats people.

"Happy Birthday" still image
Happy Birthday

Furtherance features the tale of a bullied autistic boy who loves superhero comics, and takes inspiration from them order to solve his schoolyard troubles.

And in Gabrielle, a young ballet dance who is given a hard time by a demanding teacher finds an unexpected friend.

Be sure to check out this inspiring program at BAICFF 2020!