“Don’t Mix Us Up!” Channels “Sesame Street”

Tone Thyne’s series of five animated shorts fit into a classic tradition of children’s animated educational films, as best exemplified by the numerous interstitial works shown on the long-running and well-loved public television show Sesame Street.

These shorts are funny, delightfully silly, and driven by catchy music. The goal of the films is to verse children in the idea of taxonomy — how to categorize objects into different groups.

"Don't Mix Us Up" still image
From Don’t Mix Us Up!: Cabbage and Lettuce

The cartoons propel us on a rapid journey through time and space, as we jump to diverse spots such as the Roman Coliseum, undersea coral reefs, Niagara Falls, a roller coaster, and the Great Pyramids. We’re always guided by two different singing objects, including Whipped Cream and Shaving Cream, Sugar and Salt, and Mustache and Eyebrow.

Director Tone Thyne has an unusual claim to fame, which is that the face of Woody from Toy Story was based on his features. His long history in the animation business has made him a excellent creator of whimsical characters, and in each episode of cartoon he brings to life numerous inanimate objects that grin along with the song as if they were in on the joke.

Check out these entertaining works in Shorts All Ages: Program 1 and Shorts All Ages: Program 2 at BAICFF 2020!

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