Songwriter Kat White Brings Whimsy & Harmony

Kat White, an indie folk-pop performer based in Oakland, Ca., is a special guest of this year’s BAICFF.

She teaches guitar and ukulele lessons in the Bay Area, and often makes up songs with her students. These songs were the inspiration for Kat’s debut children’s album, In the Eye of the Owl, a collection of fun, beautiful, and sincere songs about animals, which she’ll be performing live at the festival. She’s already at work on a second album.

Singer Kat White
Singer-songwriter Kat White

Kat’s work is excellent, and you definitely don’t want to miss her show. If you listen to samples of her music on her website, you’ll be instantly seduced by her catchy, joyful tunes.

She’ll be playing twice, once in the Planetarium Theater on Saturday Feb. 22nd at noon, and later that day in the Chabot rotunda.

You can buy tracks directly from her site, purchase them on iTunes, or listen to them on Spotify.