The Power of Kids in “Microplastic Madness”

A perfect example of how young 21st century heroes epitomize the theme of this year’s BAICFF, The Power of Kids, is found in one of this year’s fantastic feature films, Microplastic Madness.

Microplastic Madness Trailer

5th grade students of Brooklyn’s PS 15 become “citizen scientists” in order to investigate the path that plastic takes from manufacture, through consumer use, to waste, whereupon it often ends up in our oceans. Once in the water, this trash breaks down into tiny particles called “microplastic,” which is regularly consumed by various sea creatures and can lead to their illness or death.

By collecting beach trash, interviewing researchers, and making their own measurements to produce data, these students learn about this global pollution crisis — and also discover how microplastic contamination is already inside our own bodies. Not content to merely understand the problem, the children go out into their community to take direct action. They encourage local residents to reduce their plastic use, testify at local government hearings, and provide a useful list of ways that we can all participate in creating a cleaner environment.

This film is an inspirational look at how direct action backed by science not only helps the planet’s health, but can also be fun. Don’t miss it!