Past Programs

We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2018 with an exciting program of unique international films and guest filmmaker Stuart Shankly, who shared his work as Assistant Director of the Academy Award nominated film, The Breadwinner (See 2018 program). 2017 proved to be a challenging year for all, but we forged ahead with timely programming that featured a panel of four female maverick media makers who pushed against boundaries and norms in the entertainment industry. Our partner Common Sense Media offered a workshop for kids teaching them how to be discerning media critics; and we screened 45 amazing films from around the world (See 2017 program). 2016 was a fantastic year with over 60 films from 6 continents and special programs featuring Pixar animators and story artists ( See 2016 program). 2015 showed our largest attendance yet in which we presented 53 shorts films and 2 features from 24 different countries ( See 2015 program).  In 2014 BAICFF partnered with Chabot Space and Science Center and presented  41 short films and 2 feature films from 17 different countries ( See 2014 program). In 2013, BAICFF presented 35 short films and 4 features from 15 countries (See 2013 program). In 2012, BAICFF presented 32 short films and 3 features from 15 countries including a pre-release showing of the Pixar animated short La Luna and footage from the animation workshops held during the festival using clay puppets, sand, and pixilation (See 2012 program). In 2011, BAICFF presented more than 45 films, live action and animated, shorts and features, from countries on four continents (See 2011 program). In 2010, BAICFF presented more than 45 films, live action and animated, shorts and features, from Asia, North & South America, Europe, Africa and Australia (See 2010 program). In 2009, BAICFF presented 23 live-action and animated short films from Canada, Cuba, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Norway, Russia, Scotland, South Korea, Sweden, the United States (See 2009 program).