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Voting is Power!

Megadome Theater 1, Saturday, Feb. 22, 2:45pm – 3:20pm
Total Runtime: 32 minutes
Schoolhouse Rock: The Preamble 4m, USA
Kids and Constitution A song about the US Constitution, with a focus on its opening statement of principles, the Preamble.
Directors: George Newall, Tom Yohe

The Universal Declaration
of Human Rights
7m45s, USA
Girls united The students in Ms. Holbert’s 5th-grade class at the Vallejo Charter School in California share their understanding of the articles of the Declaration on Human Rights, and underscore their importance to the world.
Directors: Kids ‘n’ Film

Schoolhouse Rock: The Great American Melting Pot 4m, USA
"Melting Pot" still image A musical history of the Democratic recipe that built America.
Directors: George Newall, Tom Yohe

International Day  12m, Brazil
"International Day" still image When an activity called “International Day” is proposed to a classroom full of smart and not-so-obedient children, some things might change at the school.
Director: Iuli Gerbase

Schoolhouse Rock: Sufferin’ Till Suffrage 4m, USA
Suffragettes A brief history of the women’s suffrage movement presented by a voting-booth superheroine.
Directors: George Newall, Tom Yohe