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Special Exhibits & Activities

Saturday, Feb. 22 & Sunday, Feb. 23
Various Locations in the Chabot Space & Science Center
DJ B1 Live Set
DJ B1B1 is a multidisciplinary artist across many mediums. Dissolving boundaries between familiar and unknown, his DJ sets can be described as energetic, feel-good, original and FUN. Blending all styles of the best music in unique ways to get you moving, always upwards!
Spees Building Rotunda

India Block Arts Morphoscopes
KinetoscopeBerkeley art collective India Block Arts created modern updates of kinetoscopes, early motion picture devices created by Thomas Edison and William Dickson in 1889, which were originally installed at 2019’s Burning Man festival. Their “morphoscopes” are a self-contained film viewing mechanism in a standing cabinet. Users look through an eyepiece to watch a loop of 35mm film, which they advance by operating a hand crank at the side of each cabinet. These entertaining devices were the foundation of movie projectors and modern cinema, and you can operate several of them here!
Installation, Gruener Astronomy Hall

Robert Liu-Trujillo Artwork
Robert Liu-Trujillo self portraitOakland native Robert Liu-Trujillo created the lovely artwork for this year’s BAICFF poster. He is the author and illustrator of Furqan’s First Flat Top, a delightful, beautifully-illustrated children’s book about a young boy’s anxiety at getting his first cool hairstyle. Many of Robert’s works will be on display during the festival in a special gallery space, and Robert will be on hand for part of the weekend to answer any questions you have about his work. See his website for more of his art!
Installation, Gruener Astronomy Hall

Mango Materials Display Table
Mango MaterialsMango Materials, a San Francisco Bay Area-based company, has developed a platform technology that utilizes waste methane gas to produce bioproducts. Mango Materials feeds this methane to bacteria that produce a biopolymer, which is converted into a variety of eco-friendly plastic products. Once these products are no longer needed, they will biodegrade in different environments (including home compost, landfills, and the marine environment). Currently, Mango Materials is focusing producing a polymer that will be used for caps and closures for the cosmetics industry, and as a polyester replacement for the textiles industry.
Spees Building Mezzanine

Obsolete Pictures Silent Cinema
Obsolete Pictures still imageSan Francisco’s Obsolete Pictures creates black-and-white silent films with original music, inspired by the style and aesthetics of vintage cinema. This program of five films was originally commissioned by the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. for the exhibit No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man, and played within a miniature Art Deco movie palace called The Capitol Theater. The exhibit was most recently at the Oakland Museum of California. Now you can enjoy all of the films, which will run on a loop both festival days. You’ll see a two-reel melodrama, an Expressionist dance film, and three whimsical science shorts about unexplained phenomena.
Screening, Gruener Astronomy Hall

Marine Biologist Tierney Thys Lab Demonstration
Dr. Tierney ThysDr. Tierney Thys, American marine biologist, science educator, and National Geographic explorer, will be on hand to demonstrate how microfibers from our clothing get into the atmosphere, ocean and waterways of the world. Everybody is invited to participate in her ongoing lab demonstration where participants can filter microfibers out of water and examine them under a microscope—a reminder of the consequences our clothing choices have on nature. She will also display a variety of natural fabric textiles from an ongoing project with her daughter, Marina Hobson, called Around The World in 80 Fabrics. The presentation complements Microplastic Madness, a feature film being screened both days at the festival featuring kids learning about and fighting plastic pollution.
Bio Lab, Spees Building