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Shorts By Kids: All Ages

Megadome Theater 1, Sunday, Feb. 23, 11:15am – 11:45am
Total Runtime: 20 minutes
The Dog’s Story: Part II  6m50s, Russian Federation
Warrior dog The sequel to The Dog’s Story (BAICFF 2019). The dogs are back with their cat enemies. This time,  whatever happens is for the better! A chain of random events lead to the most unusual circumstances.
Director: Arkhip Varfolomeev

Birds 1m59s, United Kingdom
Bird eating from a person's hand Orlando Holmes is a 10-year-old boy who loves both the exotic birds in his garden and cinematography. His first short film combines both of these passions.
Director: Orlando Holmes

The Journey of Story Float 5m30s, USA
Children dressed as Chinese heroes Using traditional characters from the Chinese mythic epic “Journey to the West,” these children tell a story of the evils of pollution and of the need to clean it up.
Director: Yung-Lin Chen

Creepy 5m18s, Germany
Creepy and kids Creepy is rejected by the other kids because of its unusual appearance. Only class representative Emma makes the effort to understand Creepy’s situation. Can she help him make friends?
Directors: Kids ‘n’ Tricks