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Shorts By Kids: 7+

Planetarium Theater 2, Sunday, Feb. 23, 11:15am – 11:45am
Total Runtime: 30 minutes
Camina Conmigo (Walk Beside Me) 3m39s, Spain
Children in a school hallway
When we are born, we are labeled and separated. But if we walk together, it will be easier to choose our own path.
Directors: Students of C.E.I.P. Serrería Public School, Valencia, Spain

Comfortable Position 4m12s, Uzbekistan
Person in bed When a person falls asleep, they enter another reality where anything is possible. What do you experience in your dreams?
Directors: DRF Children Animation Studio

Zoe 11m34s, Croatia
Boy with glasses examines the periodic table Martin finds a pair of glasses from outer space that allow him to visualize data. He uses them at school to pass tests. He meets a new girl in his village named Zoe, and strange things begin to happen.
Director: Marta Krunić

Double Vida 2m52s, USA
"Double Vida" still image

Two countries, one teen, and her journey discovering that home does not need to be a place.

Director: Sharleny Gonzalez

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 7m45s, USA
Girls united The students in Ms. Holbert’s 5th-grade class at the Vallejo Charter School in California share their understanding of the articles of the Declaration on Human Rights, and underscore their importance to the world.
Directors: Kids ‘n’ Film