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Shorts for All Ages: Program 1

Megadome Theater 1, Saturday, Feb. 22, 10:15am – 11am
Planetarium Theater 2, Sunday, Feb. 23, 10:15am – 11am
Total Runtime: 42 minutes
Don’t Mix Us Up: Cabbage & Lettuce 2m, USA
Cabbage and Lettuce driving a car Part of a series of five musical animated films, this animated short pairs two similar but different vegetables who playfully warn viewers: “Don’t mix us up!” Catchy lyrics, hilarious animation, and vivid visuals give these films a snappy, entertaining punch.
Director: Tone Thyne

Ice Dream 3m50s, France
Penguin on ice Every day, a penguin who lives in an aquarium watches the man who runs the ice cream stand across from his cage. The penguin dreams of becoming an ice cream seller himself. He trains for the job by repeating the seller’s movements, but will he ever be able to make his dream a reality?
Director: Julie Fournier

A Story From Space 5m34s, United Kingdom
Astronaut in space station An astronaut working on the international space station has a video chat with his 5-year-old daughter, Annie, who prepares for her first day of school. Annie is worried about the upcoming new experience, so her father encourages her with an inspirational bedtime story, a retelling of the Apollo 11 moon landing as if it were a children’s storybook.
Directors: Joseph Childs, Iro Tsavala

Hair Love 6m47s, USA
Girl with hair dryer An African-American father tries to do his daughter’s hair for the first time. Now the Oscar winner for Best Animated Short Film!
Directors: Matthew A. Cherry, Bruce W. Smith, Everett Downing, Jr.

Dragon Recipes
7m12s, Cyprus
Witch reading spellbook A young apprentice idolizes a famous witch, and dreams of being like her — especially of having a fierce, fire-breathing dragon like her idol. She creates her own using an old magical recipe, but her inexperience gets an odd result: a dragon with a big heart and a special, magical skill, who teaches her lesson about tolerance and personal sacrifice.
Director: Maria Pavlou

Don’t Mix Us Up: Mustache & Eyebrow
2m, USA
Eyebrow and mustache on slot machine The series continues in this animated short, which features an alike-looking eyebrow and mustache who sing: “Don’t mix us up!”
Director: Tone Thyne

Odd Dog
4m30s, USA
Cat acting like a dog A little boy pleads with his mother to get him a dog, but she would prefer a cat. The boy later meets what seems to be a cat on the street — yet the strange animal shows off dog-like antics to try to win the boy over.
Director: Keika Lee

Cat Lake City
6m42s, Germany
Cat Lake City postcard Percy Cat looks forward to a relaxing day in Cat Lake City – the cats’ vacation paradise. Yet the place is not as expected, and even his spot on a beach towel isn’t as safe as he expected.
Director: Antje Heyn

Don’t Mix Us Up:  O & Zero 2m, USA
Zero and O in a pinball machine One more animated short from this entertaining series, starring two rounded characters who are easily confused for one another, a letter “O” and a zero, who exclaim: “Don’t mix us up!”
Director: Tone Thyne