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Little Theater Shorts Program

Little Theater, Saturday, Feb. 22, All Day
Little Theater, Sunday, Feb. 23, All Day
Total Runtime: 30 minutes
The Sled (Belchonok i sanki) 4m19s, Russia
"The Sled" still image A little squirrel finds something he has never seen before. A BAICFF 2017 classic.
Director: Olesya Shchukina

Partridge in a Bear Tree 6m, UK
"Partridge in a Bear Tree" still image Winter is fast approaching, and everyone is getting ready for a nice long sleep — but a certain Little Partridge can’t quite contain her excitement! What could possibly go wrong?
Directors: Adam Bailey

Capelito 5m, Argentina
"Capelito" still image Stories about a little mushroom and his world. A BAICFF 2014 classic.
Director: Rodolfo Pastor

Master Painter Bah Bizon   1m30s, Germany
"Master Painter Bah Bizon" still image Bah Bizon, an artistically talented sheep, enjoys the afternoon painting a landscape. When he’s suddenly startled by a wolf’s howl the sheep will need all of his artistic talent to save himself.
Director: Uli Seis

Balloon Birds 1m, Switzerland
"Balloon Birds" still image Two balloon birds meet, when suddenly another arrives. A BAICFF 2015 classic.
Director: Marjolaine Perreten

Tough Teeth 4m35s, USA
"Tough Teeth" still image After a long day of chomping, Croc Kid loses his teeth! What will he tell mom?
Director: Brianna Kastner

Guitar and Drum 5m, Chile
"Guitar and Drum" still image Guitar and Drum play, dance and make music, and are the best of friends. Together they live in a small town with other musical instruments, where they have simple, everyday adventures.
Director: Antonia Herrera

Pins and Needles 2m13s, Ireland
"Pins and Needles" still image A cactus arrives in a garden. Different from the other flowers, he is excluded, and feels sad. But then he meets a spiky friend who helps him realize that there is nothing wrong with being different.
Directors: Julien Celin, Kerrie Costello