“Child of Nature” is a Humanist Triumph

Child of Nature, is Brazilian director Marcos Negrão’s stunning documentary about how children around the world strive to rise above their tough circumstances, which include exposure to war, poverty, hunger, and abuse. But the film’s main subjects, five children across five continents, are not victims, but are rather the heroes and authors of their own unique stories. Each is charting a pathway to a better life, and along the way reaching out to help other children in need.

Child of Nature Trailer

This inspirational film demonstrates how youthful idealism infused with empathy is powerful force for demonstrable, real change. The depiction of these children’s desire to help their fellow human beings results in a film both heartwarming and heartbreaking, and it will make you question your own place in a changing, often difficult world.

Director Marcos Negrão
Director Marcos Negrão

Director Marcos Negrão will be in attendance to tell you his stories of the challenges of shooting a truly epic production, which took him to all corners of the earth in search of his young, dynamic subjects. The film is required viewing for those determined to find 21st century solutions to seemingly intractable global social problems — especially as our children will inherit the complex issues bequeathed to them by previous generations. This remarkable work has its Bay Area premiere only at BAICFF 2020!

Shown With: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The students at Ms. Holbert’s 5th-grade class at Vallejo Charter School in California share the articles of the Declaration on Human Rights. It’s a civics lesson in miniature, and a reminder that commitment to these principles is essential when seeking to create a better world for everybody.


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